Consorzio Vino Chianti 2016

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The Chianti Consortium was born of the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of Florence's winegrowers in 1927, in order to defend domestic trade and exports of "typical Chianti" wine. The Consortium protects over three thousand six hundred producers, working more than 15,500 hectares of vineyard, producing in excess of 800,000 hectoliters of Chianti wine of various zones and typologies and has been attributed the "ERGA OMNES" recognition for its representative status. Chianti DOCG wine is produced in the provinces of Arezzo, Florence Pisa, Pistoia, Prato and Siena.

This group of wineries presented their wines for the very first time in Singapore, and are well-known figures in the world for wines.

A positive response was received from sectors like Trade, Ho/Re/Ca, media and Wine Lovers, who contributed in making the event successful. Importers/wholesalers were also invited from Hong Kong, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia and were allotted a separate slot for exclusive B2B meetings with the Italian wineries.

The event also included wine tasting seminar along with walk around tasting of wine.