Our company, Felicitas Global Pte Ltd, is a Singapore based consultancy firm. One of our main areas of activity is to provide support services which includes business development and market research services to companies/organisations and institutions interested to enter SE Asian, Indian & other global markets.

One of our clients is a leading specialty chemicals manufacturer in Europe planning to set up a manufacturing facility in Asia to expand their presence in the APAC market. They are currently selling their products to several leading users in Europe and other parts of the world under a co-production contract.

They have a vast range of specialty chemicals which are applicable for the following industries:

  • plastic auxiliaries and additives
  • home and personal care
  • food
  • wood
  • pulp
  • textile
  • construction chemicals
  • surfactants
  • cleaning and caring, cosmetics
  • pharmaceutical ingredients
  • feed
  • leather
  • rheology modifiers
  • paper

Our client is also a leading trader of specialty chemicals and would like to look for suppliers of some chemicals in Asia to supply to their network in Europe as well as use some for their own production facilities.

Summing up, they would like to contact manufacturers, traders and end users of specialty chemicals to understand the implications of supplying their products to Malaysian and Chinese companies and at the same time source products from manufacturers/traders in Malaysia and China to supply to their network around the world.

As one of the leading companies in the specialty chemicals industry, we would like to request if you could spend a few minutes of your time to fill in the survey questionnaire.

The objective of this survey is to be able to establish the market potential for some specialty chemicals, as well as to analyze possible entry strategies for the Asian market for some of the products manufactured by our client. The information and inputs that you would be providing would really help us in meeting this objective. At the same time we feel that this may provide an interesting business opportunity for you to supply some of your products to our client.

Summarizing, we hope that this would be an opportunity for your company to:

  • Export some of your products to Europe using our client's distribution channels
  • Partner with our client in a Joint Venture to jointly produce some of the specialty chemicals in Asia
  • Act as the distributor of our clientÂ’s products in Malaysia
  • Source for chemicals not manufactured by you and supply to your clients in the region

We would really appreciate if you could send back the filled in questionnaire to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by fax: (+65) 6227 3878.

For clarifications or further queries, please contact our office: (+65) 6224 6788, And look for Airene/Karem.